so why do i never see anybody in the hannibal fandom talking about this


Oh no trust me, this get mentioned ALOT

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Just so you know, you can learn Danish in duolingo

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"Me so Hungy" by Tom Trager

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"Me so Hungy" by Tom Trager

T-shirts on sale until 1st September on OtherTees

"Reblog"/"Like" this post for a chance at a FREE TEE this upcoming weekend. We’re giving away one free tee to one lucky rebloger/liker every week !

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Soap (868 words) by trr_rr [AO3]

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Adam (2009), Charlie Countryman (2013)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Nigel (Charlie Countryman)/Adam Raki
Additional Tags: Shower Sex, Daddy Kink, (daddy kink only right at the end), Dirty Talk

Nigel uses shower gel. Adam likes soap.

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“It’s just a phase, you’ll get over him.”
— My mother on my “obsession” with Mads 

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hahhahaha thank you, i personally think the graphics are shitty and i spent too much time on it but thankies :)

Shh no they’re great :]

I really like the one you did for your rp blog and omfg the hannibal one is A+++ like yes 

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Because i’ve reached my second milestone, and there will be a giveaway coming up after i finish my vacay, to thank all of you for following this lil frenchie going ape shit about a Trashy Danish, a fancy Brit and  Bj lips American.

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You’re so sweet :]

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someone take the internet away from me please .-.

I love the last wow omfg

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Mads Mikkelsen + Smiling because he is a beautiful human being

smiling danish bb ^__^

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Anonymous asked:
why does mads hate himself???



  1. he’s really sarcastic about his face quite often - he makes funny comments about it all the time but I don’t think he’d just suddenly get all depressive in an interview and say he wanted his face to be burned off
  2. have you read the original interview? it’s incredibly…prissy-ish - like the language and style and it’s basically got like three quotes from him that can certainly be used in many contexts
  3. the language used, even in the quotes, doesn’t sound like Mads - Mads’ way of talking is like super simple, straight to the point and jokey - not long beautiful, brutal sentences 
  4. i think the interviewer was probably trying to make some scene just because mads referred to himself as funny-looking. But the thing is, describing oneself as funny looking is quirky and cute, but not wishing to mutilate oneself - which is why i don’t think Mads would do the latter.
  5. Mads has always come off as pretty nonchalantly cool about his face - he’s always gloated about being Sexiest Man, and how he was way sexier than Daniel Craig etc etc - I mean he may feel like he’s funny looking but he certainly embraces his sexiness

My theory is that he was saying something about his face in relation to Hannibal, and not his own life. One of the only quotes directly from Mads is related to Hannibal - and I have a feeling that Mads was talking about how Hannibal would embrace beauty etc etc - but probably referred to himself as funny looking, and the interviewer probably just went into heat and wrote prose about ‘depressed Mads.’

haha I feel better now :3 

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